Word Vomit: October 9th, 2013

Sometimes I wonder about the people who first invented coffee. I mean, I know it was like the Ethiopians or the Sheik Yemeni or something, but I just wonder about their first reactions to coffee. I can imagine some long-bearded goat herder going crazy, thinking he’s possessed by a demon after drinking his first cup. I’ve never been able to really handle drinking coffee. For one, I have a pretty weak stomach. I also have a pretty low tolerance for caffeine, since I so rarely indulge. Most of the time, I avoid drinking it altogether.

But then there’s days like today, when I have to get a whole bunch of work done and don’t have time to dillydally, so I drink like three cups of coffee first thing in the morning and spend the rest of my day a shaking, albeit productive, mess. I can tell the coffee is affecting me because right now I’m typing this five times faster than my normal typing rate. Almost every word I have to go back and fix, because my fingers are twitchign. This is why I’m writing this blog entry; I need to be sure that I can write coherently enough to finish two reductions and an essay. So far I’m not convinced. As I finish chugging my third cup, the world seems to be moving underneath my feet and I think I’ve gained the ability to see noises. I hope I don’t die later; I really do need to get that homework done.

Let’s see… what else can I talk about while I’m trying to calm down? I just recently learned how to make candles the old fashioned way, by hand. I’m going to a super exciting history nerd gathering in Metropolis in a couple weeks. I might be able to get AP History credit without taking the class. I might learn to play the fiddle.

I’m super excited for this upcoming essay. So excited, in fact, that it’s making the essay that’s due like tomorrow seem really boring by comparison. My only problem is I’m having trouble deciding on a topic. I’ve narrowed it down to about three or four, but I really want to write all of them. Believe me when I say that I have a lot of opinions on each of these topics. Angela told me I should just write all of them. The funny thing is, if I didn’t have AP homework, I probably would. (English Nerd Problems)

*Long, drawn-out sigh* That was therapeutic. Maybe I can get some real work done now.



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